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Milky Chance might be bursting onto the American airwaves now with their song "Stolen Dance" but that song, and the entire Milky Chance project, is as far removed from the two members' previous musical stylings that it's almost hard to believe.

Milky Chance might be bursting onto the American airwaves now with their song “Stolen Dance” but that song and the entire Milky Chance project is as far removed from the two members’ previous musical stylings that it’s almost hard to believe. Before the German duo of Clemens Rehbein and Phillip Dausch were known as Milky Chance, they were in a jazz band that played mostly older music. “I don’t know where that came from. It just came along,” said Rehbein about his old band’s style recently talking with Alternative Addiction. “I think it’s because when we met in school, we were like a lot of kids finding music. We were into a lot of different things and we started influencing each other. I guess it’s just because we got into all of those different styles and all of that old music. It was fun when we were doing it.” After that jazz band broke up, that’s what led Clemens to form Milky Chance with his friend Dausch. “Phillip and I met with the old band. It was a regular band with bass player, a guitar player, a piano player, and a singer. I played the bass and Phillip played the guitar. I always had done song writing on my own while we were playing the old stuff. So, when we finished school the band broke up, I wanted to start making the original music. I already had those songs finished and I just decided to produce them with Phillip. We were looking for something to do and we decided to collaborate and stick to new music. In the beginning it was just me, but when we decided to play shows, we decided to do it together,” added Rehbein. Now the duo is having the time of their lives with “Stolen Dance” getting major attention all over the world. AA asked Clemens about the story behind the song and why it seems so appealing for listeners. “I really don’t know if there is one special thing about that song,” started Rehbein. “I wrote the chorus four years ago and then I wrote the verses last year. So the verse came two and a half years later from when it started. I never had a song that took that long to create. I threw it up on YouTube and it was the song that people liked the most. I think maybe the melody is easy to get. We always like to mix the melancholy with some danceable pop. I think the mixture of that and the mix of sadness and happiness that’s in the song connects with people. I think maybe people are liking that mix of things.” You can pick up Milky Chance’s Stolen Dance EP, it’s out and available now.