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With their debut EP, Atlanta’s The Future Babes are likely to catch your ear like few indies can right now.

With their debut EP, Atlanta’s The Future Babes are likely to catch your ear like few indies can right now. What do they sound like? Listen for yourself. Cool huh? It’s kind of like a hybrid of Taking Back Sunday and My Chemical Romance with lighter guitars, smoother vocals, and jazz piano. It’s crazy good. “There are three of us that went to high school together but we all started playing in this jazz folk ensemble at school and then we started collaborating outside of school,” said Babes’ drummer McClain Hendon while talking with Alternative Addiction. “We were a trio for a while, but then Andrew joined in about a year ago and that’s kind of how we started.” “We all grew up playing different kinds of music. I started out playing Jazz,” explained pianist/bassist Ian Klin. “Andrew comes from a country point of view. Carson and McClain are into all different kinds of rock. Ultimately, we like to play it live we like to play it big, and we like to have a lot of fun and this music all came together with all of those things.” With the band’s debut self-titled EP, they sought to really define themselves for the first time by working with McClain’s brother Tanner and Wyatt Oates at Madrex Productions. The songs were accumulated over the course of a few years, but Tanner and Wyatt really helped the band make a complete album to introduce themselves with. “These songs were written over the course of the last few years,” said Babes’ lead guitarist Andrew Evans. “Some of them go back to our early high school days. This is the culmination of all of that time for us. We finally got to get into the studio and upgrade our sound. We’ve got lots of basement demos and other recordings like that, but this is our first real studio body of work. It was a blast to make and I love to listen to it still. Really loved making the album.” “Cold Blooded” in particular will win over audiences all over, especially if you get to see it live. “When we play that song, the piano solo is a little bit different every time,” said Klin. “But that song is a huge song on stage. We like to get everybody moving with it. We get a little reckless out there too. It’s fun” – aa