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Talking with Alternative Addiction, vocalist Josh Ramsay from Marianas Trench, the charismatic frontman explained what inspired him to write the band's latest single, 'Pop 101."

Contrary to popular belief, pop is not a dirty word. That doesn’t mean it’s not treated like one. Josh Ramsay can attest to that. He and his bandmates have seen it firsthand throughout their tenure in music, and Ramsay specifically saw pop’s full frontal effect in a Reddit AMA. Oddly enough, that’s what inspired him to write the band’s latest single, “Pop 101.” “The first inkling of the idea came from that Reddit AMA,” said Ramsay. “A lot of people, because there was so much blowback from me working on the song “Call Me Maybe,” a lot of people were getting pissed at me for being involved with that song. They were all saying things like, ‘writing a song like that is soooo easy.’ So, I kind of had this idea and said to myself, ‘you think it’s so easy, let me tell you what it takes.’ That’s where it started and I thought it would be funny to just do something explaining in a song that was happening – kind of like the other influence for the song, Cabin in the Woods. “That movie makes fun of a bunch of other horror movies while still being a horror movie. I thought that was a fun idea to make fun of pop music, respectfully so, in a song that’s also a pop song. Kind of like a tip of the hat,” added the vocalist. Pop 101 is a single the band put out without having the intention to lead up to an album. Not immediately anyway. The album’s not finished as of right now. Some might say it’s not easy to see why they released it right away when the song was complete, but Ramsay’s actual reasoning is pretty smart. “I didn’t want the references to become stale,” he explained. “There’s a lot of topical stuff in the song, and it’s close. But that said, nobody’s first single comes out at the same time as the album anyway. It just kind of made sense to put it out there now.” That new album is something that’s in the works and fans won’t be disappointed to find out that band’s somewhat thematic and dramatic approach to making music with their past two albums will come to life on the next record too. “I just don’t have it in me to keep it simple. I’ve already got a whole concept going, it’s ridiculous but awesome at the same time. I’ve never been able to simplify, I’ve always gravitated towards the most difficult things.”