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lovelytheband is back with their brand new single "loneliness for love."

lovelytheband is back with their brand new single “loneliness for love.” The track is packed with an energetic beat, glistening keys, and nimble guitar that pulsates alongside sweeping verses and an instantly irresistible chorus. The band has also released the music video for the song, which features lead singer, Mitchy Collins, searching for human connection with mannequin women as the video pans back and forth between his dates and the band playing in a storefront window. In the end, there is hope for Collins finding a connection with a real, human woman who appears to be the twin of one of the mannequins. ovelytheband lead singer, Mitchy Collins says about the single; “In my dating life, I constantly keep falling back into a cycle or a pattern,” he continues. “I’ll meet someone and think I’m falling in love, because I’m trying to fill the void of being alone. I have a big problem with looking to other people to fill what I feel is lacking or missing inside of me. So, I jump into situations out of loneliness. I’m digging deep and reflecting. The song is literally me singing to loneliness.” lovelytheband solidified their place in alt music history when they broke Billboard’s Alternative Songs Longevity Record with a total of 76 weeks on the chart, nine weeks at No. 1 and over 278 million streams worldwide with their debut hit single, “broken.” The hit song also reached #1 on the Adult Top 40 chart, #1 on Billboard’s Year End Rock Airplay chart, #1 on Billboard’s Year End Alternative Airplay chart, #12 at Top 40, #2 on the AAA chart, #8 on the AC chart, and #41 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Copyright(c) 2019 All Rights Reserved