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Announced via various band members' twitter pages, Live will be taking a two year hiatus to work on other projects including an upcoming solo release for lead singer Ed Kowalczyk.

Announced via various band members’ twitter pages, Live will be taking a two year hiatus to work on other projects. Several of the band members made it very clear that the break was only temporary. “Live is not breaking up. We’re not boyfriends and girlfriends,” joked lead singer Ed Kowalczyk from his twitter page. “[We’re just] creatively moving around in different spaces…all good.” Kowalczyk is reportedly working on his first solo album, and has already started a webpage at: Guitarist Chad Taylor reiterated Kowalczyk’s comments on the future of the band from his twitter page stating “there is no break up, just some much needed time to explore new dimensions. We won’t do touring or an album for at least 2 years. I need some time for the other projects.” Details have not been released on what the other projects might be, but there are rumors that Taylor and some of his other Live band mates will join Kevin Martin of Candlebox to record a record. While nothing on this side project has been confirmed, Taylor sounds very proud of the new material he’s working on. “I cannot begin to express how excited I am over the new music we are creating. Raw, exciting and passionate!” Taylor exclaimed in a recent twitter post. Live has four remaining tour dates scheduled before their hiatus, two in Ontario on the 16th and 17th of July, followed by back to back shows in Cleveland and Westbury, New York.