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The first single from Linkin Park's highly anticipated new album "A Thousand Sons," a track called 'The Catalyst' debuted today in a trailer for the upcoming Medal Of Honor video game.

The new ‘Medal of Honor’ trailer reveals an updated series of the video game — set during the 2001 Afghanistan War — while Linkin Park’s new song ‘The Catalyst’ soundtracks scenes lead by real-life Tier 1 Operator ‘Cowboy,’ who represents the summit of US Special Operations. Featuring chomping piano melodies paired with drawn-out percussion, we are led through schematic scenes in efforts trump Taliban insurgents, while Chester Bennington wails, “Lift me up, Let me go.” ‘The Catalyst,’ is Linkin Park’s first single off their upcoming fourth studio album ‘A Thousand Sons.’ The single will hit radio airwaves Aug. 2, whereas the album is set to release Sept. 14. “When we were talking with EA and being familiar with the ‘Medal of Honor’ title I think the song made a lot of sense,” LP bassist David “Phoenix” Farrell tells USA Today. “The song itself has got some dark undertones and it’s got a lot of energy in it. It kind of just fits with the subject matter.” ‘Medal of Honor’ is expected to hit stores Oct. 12. The game trailer — directed by Linkin Park’s Joe Hahn — can be viewed below: