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With Lifehouse's Greatest Hits collection being released, the band put together a video with some behind the scenes stories of their best songs. In an exclusive, watch the video with Lifehouse recalling the writing process for "Whatever It Takes."

Lifehouse just released a greatest hits collection featuring 18 songs including the band’s hits like “Hanging By A Moment”, “You and Me”, and “Whatever It Takes.” The band recently put together some video content they’re sharing with various outlets. They gave us an exclusive video with a delightful story behind “Whatever It Takes” and a story of a Lifehouse fan you wouldn’t necessarily think is out there. “That was one of those songs that was written later and I remember our producer Jude saying that we needed a song that was a midtempo/uplifting ballad,” says Lifehouse guitarist Bryce Soderberg in the video about the song. “I remember (frontman Jason Wade) immediately picking up the guitar and coming up with the progression.” “It was one of the later songs on that record and it had some of that initial inspiration,” continued the guitarist. “I think some of our best songs come from that place where your encapsulating that it’s being written through you. ‘Whatever It Takes’ is a byproduct of that.” “I remember the lyrics were difficult for that,” says Jason Wade in the video. “I remember taking two or three days off and going to Santa Monica and renting a hotel, getting away from everything with an acoustic guitar. A lot of the lyrics came to fruition with that trip.” There’s talking a bit about writing the song but an amusing story is told during the video about people coming up to the band and saying how “Whatever It Takes” has helped them. Specifically Wade and Soderberg mentioned a member of a hard rock band being a fan of the song. “There’s this band Saliva and it was funny because the song isn’t necessarily a breakup song or a love song – it’s about working through a tough time and staying together. We’re in an airport and this huge guy from Saliva all tatted up comes up to me and he comes up and he kind of gave me a hug. We played a show with Saliva way back in the day so we kind of knew each other. So this guy comes up and he’s almost crying – this big heavy metal rock dude. He says ‘Thanks so much for Whatever It Takes’ it saved my marriage. It was like a real moment – it was kind of crazy,” recalled Wade. Watch the video below with Wade and Soderberg and be sure to pick up listen to Lifehouse’s Greatest Hits album on Spotify, Apple Music, and all other major retailers and digital streaming services.