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Larkins have dropped the official remix of "Are We Having Any Fun Yet?" by producer ayokay.

Following the release of their critically acclaimed EP Hit and Run and their recent release “Are We Having Any Fun Yet?” – spawning a huge viral fan video, rising Manchester act Larkins have dropped the official remix by US producer ayokay. The new remix from one of America’s brightest producers, whose credits include the likes of Jeremy Zucker, Quinn XCII and Nightly, is complemented by a vibrant visual crafted by Dedouze to bolster an already exciting package – the original mix was helmed by Daniel Nigro (Conan Gray). At the heart of both versions of the song is the hyper-personal lyricism from frontman Josh Noble, his emotive vocals telling the song’s tale of the wearisomeness of everyday life and the difficulties it can bring to many. Larkins has risen steadily since their inception. So far they’ve accumulated millions of streams with their most popular songs being “TV Dream”, “Something Beautiful”, & the original mix of “Are We Having Any Fun Yet?.”