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JR JR have formed their own label called Love Is EZ Records. The label's first release will be the band's forthcoming double album, "Invocations/Conversations"

Since the release of their last full-length in 2015, JR JR, the duo made up of Josh Epstein and Daniel Zott, have struggled to put out new music due to business restrictions. Now, the band is off their label deal and they’ve formed their own label called Love Is EZ Records. They’re forming the label in partnership with Secretly Distribution. The band and the label’s first release will be the band’s forthcoming double album, Invocations/Conversations due out on May 31st. The first two singles “NYC” and “Day In, Day Out” are out now and available to hear everywhere. A double album has always been a bold proposition. Perhaps even more so now in an age where the long-play format feels ever more marginalized by a shortened cultural attention span. Nevertheless, Epstein and Zott feel right about presenting this wide-ranging collection of songs as a two-part whole. “To me,” shares Epstein, “the first album (Invocations) was a moment in time where we wrote with the touring members of the band in the Masonic Temple in Detroit. It also happened to coincide with the 2016 election, and feels like that moment.” Shortly after writing and recording those songs, they would leave their deal with Warner Brothers following a series of disputes with the label. Epstein and Zott were sitting on an album as they began to search for another label home, but they didn’t stop writing songs. “The second album (Conversations), says Epstein, “is just Dan and me and a few random collaborators. It’s representative of taking stock of the large shifts that had been happening around us and processing it all.” Adds Zott: “This double album is filled with the thousand little moments of the last three years; moments of joy and sadness, frustration and exhilaration. And is more full of life than any project I’ve ever done.”