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Jimmy Eat World bassist Rick Burch says the use of the band's home studio has a lot to do with the sound of the band's latest album "Invented," which hit stores late last month.

When the members of Jimmy Eat World built their own rehearsal studio following their last release Chase This Light, the band had no idea they would ending up using it to record new music, but that’s exactly what they did to record their brand new album Invented. “Originally we built as a place for us to rehearse,” says bassist Rick Burch. “[But] we ended up doing 98% of this album at this studio.” Seeing as it was only intended for rehearsals, it’s missing a lot of the typical recording studio amenities, but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t the perfect place for Jimmy Eat World to record their new album. “It doesn’t have the separate engineer room behind the glass,” says Burch. “And it doesn’t have a separate room for each musician, but that’s okay because it made it very comfortable to be in the same room with everyone.”Burch says the intimacy of the studio actually helped give the band an advantage during their recording process. “A lot of songs we just all played together, because that’s the fastest way to know if something works,” explained Burch. “We could also try things over and over as many times as we wanted without worrying about the studio fees piling up.” With the luxury of recording the album at home, and at their own pace, the band took nearly two years to complete Invented, one of the band’s longest recording processes in their seventeen year history.“There were a few breaks here and there, but for the most part we worked on this album Monday through Friday for the past few years.” The album hit stores late last month, and has been grabbing rave reviews thus far. The band also getting ready to head out on tour with Civil Twilight and Minus The Bear early next month.