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Incubus is revealing the cover art for their upcoming new album "If Not Now, When?" through a series codes hidden on a number of websites across the internet, one of which is exclusively right here on Alternative Addiction.

Incubus is set to release their brand new album If Not Now, When? on July 12, 2011. The album marks the first from the band in over five years. Despite the hiatus, the band has not lost any interest from fans, who sent the first single from the new album, “Adolescents” into the Top 10 just one week after its debut on Alternative Addiction’s Top 20 chart. “To tell you the truth, I am not sure exactly what has kept people interested in us this long,” says lead singer Brandon Boyd of the band’s popularity. “I’d like to think it’s the music we make and ultimately share. I’d like to think it’s because we have struck chords with people at very specific times in their lives and that when they hear certain songs they are harkened back to the not so distant past wherein life changing events and turns in their own stories coincided with lyrics and rhythms.” Striking that familiar chord with fans is exactly what Incubus has set out to do on If Not Now, When? only this time, Boyd says Incubus decided to take to a completely different level. “It’s darker, slower, more rich, more refined, and more involved than anything Incubus has birthed to date,” says Boyd of the new album. “I do believe that for many years now we have been searching for something different. Something unique, both to the world and to us as a band. We decided that ‘If Not Now, When?’ our 6th full length studio album would be just that.” To reveal the cover art for the new album, the band has teamed up with select websites on the internet where they’ve hidden codes that can be used to unlock puzzle pieces that unveil sections of the cover art. Alternative Addiction is lucky enough to be one of the websites selected to host one of these codes. Fans interested in viewing the cover art can go to: and use code: AR259 to unveil a portion of the artwork. They’ll also have to collect the unique codes from the other websites around the internet to reveal the entire art work. Incubus’ new single “Adolescents” is available now on iTunes and other digital retailers. If Not Now, When? is due out on July 12th.