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Goo Goo Dolls have announced they will release the deluxe edition of their acclaimed 12th studio record, "Miracle Pill" on July 10th.

Goo Goo Dolls have announced they will release the deluxe edition of their acclaimed 12th studio record Miracle Pill on July 10th, 2020 via Warner Records. In addition to the smash title song “Miracle Pill” and the band’s latest single “Fearless”, the special album will deliver three never-before-heard tracks including “Just A Man,” a powerful & lush new song that was written and recorded in London with producers Martin Slattery and Antony Genn (The Hours). “We recorded ‘Just A Man’ in London this past February right before we headed out on our UK tour,” said John Rzeznik. “It was really cool getting the chance to collaborate with Antony & Martin on it, and the song now feels more meaningful than ever in light of the past few months. It’s about the anxiety of existing as a human being in the 21st century and how we fight to overcome the ever-mounting struggles of being flawed in our nature and powerless in certain situations. It’s a call to stand up to the bullies in our own minds and the voices that keep us in the grip of fear. Fear and love, however, cannot exist in the same space. We need more compassion, more empathy, and certainly more love right now – not only for ourselves, but more importantly for others. We’re so excited to share ‘Just A Man’ with you and we hope you enjoy it.” The band will be embarking on a 2021 North American summer tour to perform songs from the record, as well as other hits from across their iconic catalogue. Tickets are available now and a full list of dates can be found at the band’s website. MIRACLE PILL DELUXE EDITION TRACKLISTING 1. Indestructible 2. Fearless 3. Miracle Pill 4. Money, Fame & Fortune 5. Step In Line 6. Over You 7. Lights 8. Lost 9. Life’s A Message 10. Autumn Leaves 11. Think It Over 12. Tonight, Together * 13. The Right Track * 14. Just A Man * *Bonus, previously unreleased track on the deluxe version