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Godsmack has filmed a video for their upcoming new single.

Godsmack has filmed a video for their upcoming new single. Directed by Troy Smith, the new clip will feature Chris Jacobs (Overhaulin’) playing a fireman with cameo appearances by ex-Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach and country singer Billy Ray Cyrus. “There’s some stuff in there that definitely will service the core fanbase of Godsmack. But we also felt that it’s time to expand a little bit,” frontman Sully Erna told FaceCulture of the new album. “We can continue to write the same record, but we’re gonna have the same results. And the way I see it is we’re taking the first twenty years and we’re logging that into our catalog. That was one chapter of our career, and that’s the more nostalgic, vintage Godsmack. And from this point forward, we’re gonna try to reinvent a little bit more of our sound, our look, our stage show, and come out with a brand new Godsmack. Because we’ve realized that since we came out twenty years ago, there’s a whole new generation that’s grown up that are now just starting to discover Godsmack. And we wanna be smart about this and we also want to try to expand our fanbase without alienating the core audience.” Godsmack’s new album is expected to be released this spring. The new album will be the band’s first effort for BMG, following a split with the band’s label home since 1998, Republic/Universal. Copyright(c) 2018 All Rights Reserved