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Despite a hit single, people really do not know where AWOLNATION comes from. The voice behind the hit single "Sail" is Aaron Bruno, we sat down with him to talk about the band's beginnings.

Despite a successful first single, people really do not know where AWOLNATION comes from. The voice behind the hit single “Sail” is none other than Aaron Bruno. Bruno’s previous works include Hometown Hero and Under the Influence of Giants. AWOLNATION’s origins are pretty simple, they stemmed from writing consistently and the stuff Bruno was writing not really fitting with Under the Influence of Giants. “Everybody was starting to go their separate ways so I took that as a green light to start pursuing my own songs. Some of which I had written before that didn’t seem right for the band. It was just time to look in the mirror and step it up and do my own thing.” “I’m always writing songs so I’d always have these ideas that I’d present to the band. There were a couple of songs in particular that I presented and they’d say ‘That sounds more like the Aaron Bruno solo thing” so I’m like- ‘Okay. I don’t really know what that means or what that is, but okay.’ Our drummer was the first one to call it quits in the Giants and when he did that I knew it was time to start developing my own thing because at that point I had learned enough about pro tools and engineering and playing most instruments that I knew I could do it on my own.” Moving on is what Aaron did, he moved on and wrote some of his best work and when he was finished he was exploring his options on releasing the music, he found the right fit with Red Bull Records. “I had the same manager and he’s a dear friend of mine. We’ve been through everything. He signed my first band and he managed Under the Influence of Giants. So he knows everybody in the industry and we started to get the music out there. We didn’t think I’d get another record deal because I already had two. All I wanted to do was put out these songs and hopefully enough people would like it so I could play some cool shows. But Red Bull came to the table and they came to the table with a different mentality than any other label. They just wanted to put out what I was doing without interfering with my vision or art and that was a really exciting thing to me about them.” Part of the reason why the record is doing so well is because AWOLNATION’s single “Sail” has enjoyed substantial success at radio. Something that Bruno says can be attributed to something very simple. “It’s the song man. Because we had a really powerful team trying to work radio with the Giants and it didn’t work out. Again it’s just sort of the stars aligning. For whatever reason people are identifying with the song. Why? I don’t really know. It’s really strange, I didn’t think that one would be a single. I didn’t even know if anyone would hear that song, let alone it being on the radio and causing us to have a gold record in Canada. We have almost every state in America playing the song and it’s just really overwhelming. Each day I wake up and I keep assuming something bad is going to happen and it just keeps better each day.” Look for AWOLNATION on the road this summer on a headlining tour. Dates can be found here-