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Alternative Addiction recently spoke with the Young Wild's frontman Gareth Moore about the band's progression from their old name (Family Wagon) to their new moniker.

Formerly known as Family Wagon, San Diego pop rock outfit the Young WIld are turning heads with their new single, “Moment Goes.” The song is a catchy track with some terrific programming and some rockin’ vocals from the band’s frontman Bryan B. William. Alternative Addiction recently caught up with William for a minute and he discussed his song writing progression from the work he did in Family Wagon to the work he’s doing under the Young Wild moniker. “I think that you just get better the more you do something,” said William. “The further you go along the further you establish an identity too. Some of my first songs, I didn’t put them through any sort of filter. It was all about whatever I felt like doing, I would just do it. Now, it takes me longer to finish songs. Because when I work on something now I’m thinking a little bit about the big picture now. There’s a place for things when I write songs. I try not to ask myself too many questions, but I do try and analyze the songs and incorporate things that I know work for us. I think I do put myself through some personal scrutiny. I think when you can separate yourself from what you can create and not be too attached to it, then you’ll get something you like. If I’m excited about it and the band’s excited about it, then I know we’re working on something good,” added the vocalist. Through the tail end of August, the Young Wild have been out with alternative genre mainstays Barcelona. They’ve been playing shows with Barcelona in the pacific region and will continue to do so through the middle of next month. Bryan chatted briefly about the shows they’re playing now and about what they’re looking to do in the near future. “Doing direct support for Barcelona has been great. We want to share this record with as many people as possible. We want to prove to people that we can translate the record to a live show. We’re wanting to do more before the years out too. We’re kind of just playing our home markets to start, but we’ll spread out and get out there hopefully next year.” You can preorder The Young Wild’s upcoming EP, featuring “Moment Goes” on iTunes now: