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Europops cheesy, but it's fun too. Here are our four favorites.

It’s hard to deny the catchyness of many Europop tracks despite their stigma. They’re fun and yes, a bit cheesy, but it’s a genre that deserves more love than it gets? A decade or two ago Europop was appreciated for what it was, and tracks like Rhythm of the Night and Castles in the Sky reached Top 10 positions in the UK charts – it wasn’t quite so unfashionable to be fun. Well, we think that’s nonsense – life is here to be enjoyed and Europop and Eurodance music is still fun to listen to, so we’ve picked out four of the top Europop tracks of all time. Yolanda Be Cool – We No Speak Americano Beloved by Brits for the epic and unforgettable dance scene in which it features in The Inbetweeners Movie, We No Speak Americano was released at a time when Europop and Eurodance was distinctly unfashionable, but nonetheless managed to become a hit in clubs around the world in the summer of 2010. It’s a remix of an old Italian swing track by Australian duo Yolanda Be Cool and it managed to remain a massive club anthem around the world for a good 18 months after it was first released. DHT – Listen to your Heart Anyone born between the late 80s and the mid 90s will surely remember this track from 2003 being played at every school disco and underage club night of their teenage years. A winning combination of extremely sentimental lyrics and a banging bassline ensured that it appealed across the board to the teens of the early 00s. Recorded by Belgian dance duo DHT in 2003, it was actually a cover of an earlier track from the 1980s by Swedish singers Roxette.. O-Zone – Dragostea din tei Probably the cheesiest Europop song of all time, Dragostea din tei was recorded in Romanian by Moldovan group O-Zone. It’s also well known by another name – as the ‘Numa Numa’ song. This moniker came about because of the repetitive chorus, but also because of one of the internet’s first viral videos. American man Gary Brolsma was filmed dancing to the song in apparent ecstasy, singing ‘Numa Numa’ along with the video. Corona – Rhythm of the Night The 90s was a decade that was all about dance and electronic music, and Rhythm of the Night has to be one of the biggest songs of 1993. Popular not only in the UK and Italy, where it was first released, but also in the USA, it propelled lead singer Olga Maria De Souza to instant fame, and the band went on to have a string of follow up hits. To this day, Rhythm of the Night remains one of the 90s’ most recognizable tunes, as well appreciated among serious music-lovers as it is fans of the charts. Book Corona Corona is an outfit that will bring back a lot of happy memories for people of a certain age – which makes it the perfect band to book for any event you’re looking to inject a little fun into. Lead singer Olga is charismatic and full of energy, making her the perfect person to ensure your night goes off with a bang. The Corona agent is London based MN2S, a celebrity agency with hundreds of stars on the books. Get in touch today if you’d like to book Corona – or if they’re not quite the type of entertainment you’re looking for, you’ll find plenty of other artists on the books. From chilled out reggae sounds to old school rockers, there’s someone on the roster at MN2S to suit any audience – get in touch with the agency today to find out more about booking a celebrity guest.