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The Foo Fighters debuted a new song, "Lah Di Da," during their performance at Iceland's Secret Solstice Festival.

The Foo Fighters debuted a new song, “Lah Di Da,” during their performance at Iceland’s Secret Solstice Festival. “If you want, we can play all the new Foo Fighters music for you first before anybody else,” frontman Dave Grohl told the crowd. “We really could.” In addition to “Lah Di Da,” the Foo Fighters also played the first ever performance of their surprise new single “Run” and served up the first full-band run-through of “The Sky Is a Neighborhood,” which had previously only been performed at an acoustic benefit concert in May. Also during the notable set, Grohl’s eight-year-old daughter joined the band onstage for a cover of Queen’s classic tune, “We Will Rock You.” She played the drums. “There’s another Grohl at the drum set now,” he told the crowd. Copyright(c) 2017 All Rights Reserved