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EVE 6 drummer Tony Fagenson revealed in a recent interview with Alternative Addiction that the band will return in 2009 with new music, the first from the band in over five years.

After a four year hiatus, EVE 6 returned in 2008 playing a number of shows for fans around the country. Drummer Tony Fagenson says the band enjoyed playing so much that they didn’t know when to stop. “We started playing these shows and they’ve just been so great, and we’ve just kinda kept doing gigs,” Fagenson told Alternative Addiction in a recent interview with Alternative Addiction. “Now were sort of in a phase where we want to figure out how to get some new music out. That’s our main goal right now, just getting a new record, or even some new songs out, as soon as we possibly can.” Touring hasn’t been the only thing keeping lead singer Max Collins and Fagenson out of the studio, as the two have worked together on a number of side projects in the past two years. Most notable is their work writing and producing the track “We Don’t Have to Look Back Now” for the band Puddle of Mudd. “We wrote that song and produced it ourselves, most of which was done in my bedroom,” said Fagenson. “It actually was kind of a song demo that everyone really liked the feeling of, and we sort of spruced it up for their record.” The song ended up being the most successful on Puddle of Mudd’s last release, cracking the Top 40 in modern rock charts. Collins has also contributed song writing for a number of projects, including co-writing Ryan Star’s hit song “Last Train Home.” Fagenson says the band will often write songs that they feel aren’t a good match for EVE 6, but are still good songs, so they’ll contribute them to other acts. “Sometimes it’s a little too this or a little too that, a little too rock or a little too pop, so we will submit that to other artists,” Fagenson explained. “We have a couple songs like that right now that are circulating the biz looking for a home.” As much as the guys love to work with other musicians, Fagenson says that they’re now committing their time to new EVE 6 material. “In the last few months we’ve been purposely turning down other stuff because we are trying to focus on our band now. It’s very easy to say yes to these things and then another year has gone by.” Once the new material is done, the band hasn’t decided how they plan to release it. With the changing climate of the music industry, and one stint signed to a label behind them, Fagenson says the band still may opt to release the album through a major label if the right opportunity is available. “We’ve had discussions with our managers about the best way to do it [and] we’re going to see if there is a label that might be interested,” Fagenson explained. “Major labels aren’t what they used to be, but there still is a place for them. There are certain things that a major can do that would be much harder on your own or an indie.”