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Eclectic Alt-Pop artist Defoe and talented producer Defoe has released a new video for her song, "Something's Happening"

Eclectic Alt-Pop artist Defoe was born in Southern California and grew up on the golden oldies that played on her father’s radio, classical music, and motion picture soundtracks. Patsy Cline, Connie Frances, The Beach Boys, the Beatles, and the Motown sound – along with composers such as Ennio Morricone – informed her developing musical tastes. With the release of the cinematic video for genre-bending song “Something’s Happening”, she is bringing those influences and more to bear as she takes her career to the next level. Defoe explains “The song came about in a serendipitous way. In 2018 I scored a Horror/slasher film ‘420 Massacre’ by indie director Dylan Reynolds. It was a great experience making music to visuals. The part I scored for the ‘chase’ scene was the highest impact portion of the score – and that gave birth to “Somethings’ Happening”. I took that piece of the score and turned into a song, based on how the music made me feel. The song is about the peak of emergency when in any second, disastrous things are about to strike – whatever it may be; end of the world, mental battles, etc. – and how we respond to them.” She continues: “For the music video, I couldn’t think of anyone better to direct it than Dylan and his talented Director of Photography Kyle Stryker and their team. This song to me was all about contrast; soft vocals/heavy track. The music is very heavy and textured – so I wanted to couple it with a clean, almost sterile – yet colorful environment. The video was shot at the iconic Popsicle studios in Los Angeles. We filmed it in the room that was built for the bat cave in ‘The Dark Knight’ movie”, so the ominous visuals work – I hope you like our vision for the song”. Defoe is an accomplished studio engineer and producer, who has worked on critically acclaimed The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus albums “4” and “The Awakening”. The latter included the single “On Becoming Willing” that spent 12 weeks at #1 on the Billboard Christian Rock Radio charts. Defoe’s debut album “Too Soon to Cry” is an amalgamation of all her life stories, espoused from the perspective of a woman who has made her way and succeeded in the male-dominated field of studio engineering and recording. Balancing her career with motherhood has led her to where she is today: bold, strong and empowered. After many years behind the scenes, she is ready to step into the spotlight and shine as a performer in her own right.