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Being dubbed a “one hit wonder” after 1994’s Shine has not slowed down Collective Soul. They are back, they are dusting off their guitars and they are ready to rock.

After a two year hiatus the band has been in the studio working on what will be their 7th album. In 2001, Atlantic Records released their greatest hits cd, Seven Year Itch, after which the band and label parted ways. The album contained not only their number one singles, but also two new songs never before recorded. The band later had a falling out with long time friend and guitarist Ross Childress. The remaining four members, Ed & Dean Roland, Will Turpin, and Shane Evans, have recruited guitar tech Joel Kosche to play lead guitar at live shows. At a few recent festivals, Ed Roland has announced that they are indeed working on a new album and that the official website ( should be up and running within the next six months. It’s only a matter of patience. Until then, watch for appearances at festivals across the country.