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Chelsea Shag is a free spirit who loves life and loves being creative. She's someone you want to get behind and support.

Chelsea Shag is like a modernized hippie. That’s meant in the nicest sense. She’s a free spirit who loves life and loves being creative. She’s someone you want to get behind and support. “I like to be known as that free spirit,” said Chelsea talking with Alternative Addiction. “I’m taking everything I’ve listened to and putting it into one place. I’ve listened to a little bit of everything and I love all kinds of music. I like putting all of those influences into my music.” Working with Madrex productions in Atlanta, and then working with Tanner Hendon and Wyatt Oates on their record label, Madison Records, Chelsea talked about making her EP and how much she loved working in the studio. “It’s my most favorite spot in the world to be. I felt free and creative with my group of people, with my team. I didn’t want it to stop. If I could go in and record every day, I would. It’s pretty exhausting but it never seems like work. You really put a lot of yourself out there. You get to know yourself and get to know what you want out of your music. It’s a really humbling experience.” Chelsea didn’t just go into the studio and sing, she played all of the guitar solos, some rhythm guitar, piano, and she did some percussion on the EP too. She even added some hand claps in there for good measure. “It’s what I anticipated,” said Chelsea on recording the EP. “It didn’t feel like work because I loved it so much. The hard part was keeping my voice fresh and my mind straight. That’s work.” Most of the songs that Chelsea recorded for the EP she’s had for a few years, but there was one that was written in the studio, “New Perfume”, it’s a fun song that she recently released a video for, something that Chelsea had a lot of fun making. “That was my favorite day of my life. It was so fun. From 6AM to 2AM we did that video in one day. I had all of my friends come and be in the video. We had the best time. I felt in my zone, like I belonged in front of the camera. I had a fabulous time. It was really cool because everyone was there to help support me and help support each other, and I loved the atmosphere. It was the best day ever.” You can check out Chelsea’s EP on iTunes, Spotify, and all other digital retailers. Look out for a remix EP from Chelsea in the coming months.