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While Cavo continues to promote their single Thick as Thieves and the new music video that theyve made for the song, the buildup with the single and the video is to a successful 2012.

While Cavo continues to promote their single “Thick as Thieves” and the new music video that they’ve made for the song, the buildup with the single and the video is to a successful 2012. The band is releasing their follow-up album to the Alternative Addiction favorite “Bright Nights, Dark Days” in the first half of 2012. A couple of weeks ago, we caught up with Casey Walker from Cavo to talk about following up an album like their last release. He says it’s not something that you can do in a specific mindset, at least not in the writing phase. “I think that one thing that we really focused on- is we took some time off after we toured and we came back and we realized that we don’t want to try and write ‘that’ song again,” said Walker. “We don’t want to try to write “Champagne Part Two.” We don’t want to try to write a song we’re not capable of writing. So we decided when we wrote these other songs for the first time all we did was sit in a room and turn on the instruments and jam for hours… maybe something comes out… maybe it doesn’t. I think we wanted to get back to that and back to the point to where we loved the songs we were writing. If you’re not getting hugely excited about your own music, you can’t expect the fans to. We wanted to love the songs we were writing, we didn’t want to just try and write a hit song. I don’t think that works, especially not for us. If we sit down and try to write a hit song we can’t even get the first chord. You’re starting from a pretentious place and it never comes out.” The band’s second album that will be released should have more of that Cavo magic that made the last album so enjoyable to listen to. Songs like “Let it Go”, “Crash” and “Champagne” aren’t going to be repeated, but hopefully new songs can capture an audience the way that those songs do. The band writing strong music this time around has to do with them enjoying the time off the road when they were done promoting the last album and enjoying each other’s company again. Spending that time again outside of work was important for the band. When asked if that’s why some groups struggle after promoting an album for so long, because they don’t do that, Walker wasn’t completely sure, but he said it helps Cavo stay together. “I don’t know, for some bands I think so,” said Walker. “I think that can scar a band if they don’t try to get past it. You see bands that play the shows and do their thing and then they go their separate ways. From day one, we said to each other we never wanted to be that band. I like the guys in my band. They’re not just friends or band mates, they’re family. They were in my wedding. They know my kids. I know their kids. The thing that we do is hard enough as it is, let alone doing it with people who are sort of strangers to you. I wanted to make sure that everyone that was around me in a band was somebody that I’d go to bat for and have their backs no matter what. And I wanted to know in my head and my heart that they’d do the same for me.” Cavo’s new album will be available in 2012, you can get the single “Thick as Thieves” on iTunes right now.