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According to Augustana frontman Dan Layus, the band's new album showcases a more matured writing style that the band has evolved into over the past 7 years of playing together.

Augustana will release their self-titled third album on April 26th. According to band frontman Dan Layus, the album showcases a more matured writing style that he says the band has evolved into over the past 7 years of playing together. “I think there is just a certain sense of maturity and poignance that comes with the time that we have spent doing this,” Layus told Alternative Addiction during a recent interview. “As you grow and get older there is more to write about. And that’s been the interesting thing to have more pieces of material to pull from. There is a big difference from being 26 and being 19 and trying to write a record.” With that maturity and growth, Layus also said that songwriting has grown into an art that he enjoys the most in being a part of the band. Despite his enjoyment, Layus says he doesn’t always have to be at home in order to write music, in fact he finds it easiest to write while the band is on the road. “I do quite a bit of writing on the road, its sometimes easier than doing it at home,” said Layus. “At home there is a lot of distractions, and on the road you have a lot of time to kill. Sometimes if the mood strikes you at the right time you can get something good out of it.” Overall, Layus said he felt a personal burden on this album ensure that it was one of the band’s most complete and memorable albums they’ve released to date. “I think every record is its own unique experience and should be approached in its own unique way,” said Layus. “I definitely put a sort of pressure on myself to make sure that these songs were, at least to me, going to feel timeless and important even 5 or 10 years from now.” Following the release of Augustana’s new album, the band will embark on a nationwide tour with co-headliners The Maine starting in May. Augustana is due in stores April 26th.