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Anberlin lead singer Stephen Christian says that even with the band's hit single "Feel Good Drag" climbing the charts, they're still just an "indie rock band."

Despite their hit single “Feel Good Drag” being the #2 song on the Alternative Rock Charts, Anberlin lead singer Stephen Christian says that the band isn’t letting their initial radio success get into their heads, because at heart they are still just an indie rock band. “Radio is such a weird conundrum to me, I don’t really understand it,” says Christian. “We’re an indie rock band, we’re not Nickelback or Seether.” Ultimately, Christian says the band is taking the old punk rock attitude of just playing a lot of great shows and letting this rest fall where it may. “We are just going to play a lot of shows and work our butts off with that. Radio is just like this added bonus, like frosting on a cake or something.” The band will be playing a series of great shows this summer on tour with Taking Back Sunday, a band that Christian says Anberlin has been dying to tour with. “There are three bands that we have always wanted to tour with, Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World, and Taking Back Sunday,” Christian explained. “Not only do we appreciate their music, but we think we fit in really good with them, so we’re really excited about the tour.” Anberlin’s Tour with Taking Back Sunday kicks off May 14th in Cleveland. The band will also be filming the video for their next single off of New Surrender, a track called “Breaking” in the coming weeks.