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All Time Low is readying their upcoming album 'Dirty Work' for a spring release. The album will mark the band's first major label release, and according to lead singer Alex Gaskarth, there's reason to be excited.

All Time Low has become one of the biggest bands in the U.S. in large part to the band’s online fan base through their hard work and through their old label, Hopeless Records. Now though, the band has switched sides from hip indy, to major label. And according to lead singer Alex Gaskarth, there’s reason to be excited. “I’m really excited. Interscope seems to be very happy with everything. It’s a good fit. It feels like a great new place for us to live for the time being. They’re really behind what we do and it seems like everyone in our department has an aspiration to try and make rock music more widespread again. There was a time when the Blink-182’s and the Green Day’s and those kinds of bands were on mainstream radio and it’s changed so much now. We’re kind of hoping to pick up where those guys left off. ” The band’s first album for Interscope, titled Dirty Work will be released sometime around the spring of 2011. And the album has Gaskarth excited about the direction of the band. “It’s not vastly different. We definitely pushed ourselves musically more so than on the last record. We really focused on writing songs that we felt were great songs universally. Whether they were played the way we play them on the record or whether it was performed acoustic or on a piano or whatever. It would be nice to write songs that can cross over to any audience regardless to whether they listen to our niche of music or not. That was a big point that we tried to address. It just feels like growth, I wouldn’t say it’s maturing, we’re not going off in any weird directions or anything like that but we’re definitely taking some chances. We’re just having fun with it really. ” The music will be great, but the title might get movie buffs strolling down memory lane with Norm MacDonald’s famous role as Mitch Weaver in the movie Dirty Work. The movie doesn’t have much to do with the title of the album, but apparently, MacDonald approves of the title. Gaskarth told the story. “Our manager’s assistant Nano lives in New York and got stuck in an airport all day during some bad weather. He was in one of the airport lounges and Norm MacDonald came and sat down next to him. And Nano goes ‘Hey man, don’t mean to be a pain in the ass, just wanted to say I’m a big fan.’ And the two got to talking and apparently Norm’s a great dude. So, Nano mentions to Norm that he works with a band that named their album Dirty Work and it was just kind of funny… he was pretty stoked on it. So, yeah… Norm MacDonald backs it.” Expect a single to be released from All Time Low sometime in February before the album comes out in the spring. The band will also be on tour (as usual) throughout 2011.