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Alternative Addiction did a quick hits interview with Trevor Terndrup, lead singer of Moon Taxi. Check out the interview below.

AA: With Let the Record Play, did you guys have a type of record in mind that you wanted to make?MT: No, we never consciously tried to write around a theme. We let the songs happen over a long period of time and there tends to be themes that emerge after a while. There wasn’t like a conscious effort really about what type of record we wanted to make. We never really go in with a conscious theme in mind. Let The Record Play is about an album in its entirety. We’ve always been that kind of band and we value the process of making albums. We wanted to make a record that was playable from start to finish.AA: Was there any different kind of approach that you guys took to the album after getting some substantial success over the past few years?MT: Yeah, we wanted to have Spencer back in the role of EP. We always like to have that control in-house and have that trust amongst ourselves. For Daybreaker, it was nice to work with a producer on the outside but we thought it was time to do it ourselves again.AA: What was the first song that you recorded for the album? Did it set the tone for the record?MT: In all honesty I can’t remember the first song, we work on several songs at once. Our process is pretty long, so there were songs that took months to write & record and others that happened very quickly. “Two High” happened over the course of two weeks and then we were done with it completely. “Not Too Late” had various forms and went from an acoustic ballad to an EDM pop drop version.AA: How have you adapted the new stuff to the live shows and how has the new music changed the live shows?MT: I think it’s easier to do the show runs now because we have an abundance of material. We didn’t really have to do much to the new songs, they were written with the live show in mind. It’s great to have people singing along in the crowd.AA: When you guys play shows, how much new stuff are you playing and how much of your older material are you playing?MT: We’re kind of on a kick right now of playing all our new songs. We play almost all of the new album, just maybe not at every show. The live show is a heavy dose of that and heavy dose that kind of hits from our back catalog. And we always like to throw in a cover or two just for fun.