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The Indie Song of the Day comes from Tommy Frenzy's HARD DRIVE - a punk trio from Florida.

The Indie Song of the Day comes from Tommy Frenzy’s HARD DRIVE – an old-school punk rock trio from Florida. The trio is led by Tommy Frenzy, the former lead singer and guitarist for TUFF DARTS, one of the first band’s to get signed to a record label deal out of famous New York City club CBGBs, of course other notables to get deals from that era include The Ramones, Talking Heads, and The Dead Boys. Frenzy has been in and around music for years. He’s been signed to Sire Records, Warner Bros Records, and even Captain Trip Records in Japan. He moved from NYC to Orlando, FL and caught on with Roger and Suzy Lamoureux, a married rhythm section. The band’s very first single is “You Make Me Want To Split” it’s a raucous guitar-driven track with excellent musicianship all over and an extremely fun song to listen to. Check it out below and be sure to look out for more of Tommy Frenzy’s HARD DRIVE very soon.