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The Indie Song of the Day comes from Florida retro-pop trio Luxury Mane.

The Indie Song of the Day comes from Florida retro-pop trio Luxury Mane. They just released an album called Domestic Bliss not too long ago and the song we’re featuring is the title track from the album. Luxury Mane makes music that really doesn’t get made that much anymore. The trio is led by William Summer, recently Alternative Addiction asked William a few questions and he was kind enough to answer them. AA: Retro power pop isn’t something that’s made by everybody these days. What got you guys into the style and sound you have? LM: Cheap Trick, Nick Lowe, Any Trouble, and those types of melodic stuff was what I grew up on, along with a lot of AM gold, soul and Yacht Rock stuff like America, Seals and Croft, the Isley Brothers, Carole King and stuff. I also grew up on a lot of hair metal and death metal, being from Florida we had a ton of that back in the day. AA: Because your sound is something similar to an older era of music, how much care do you take into production and how do you have to do that stuff differently from other bands? LM: We don’t have a specific way of getting at a sound, but we use the Tascam 388 for a lot of our basic tracks. Even when we try to set things up the same way the sound is always a little different. We also print most of our effects to tape. AA: How do you guys write your songs? Is it different from song to song or do you have a formula? LM: Like most songwriters, I have a zillion ideas saved on my phone and a stack of notebooks full of lyrics. I’m pretty good at coming up with two parts to a song and then I’ll sit on it and play it for a year until it either connects to another existing riff or finds a way to finish itself. AA: How much time do you take with lyrics? Do they come easy or do they come hard? LM: They come hard. I write lyrics all the time but none of them ever seem to fit into the songs. I struggle with it. I don’t really have much to say, no agenda, and I’m always trying to find ways to avoid it. Even now Im remixing Muzak versions of our older songs so I don’t have to suffer through the lyrics. That said, occasionally I’ll get some that I like. AA: With Domestic Bliss, did you set out to do anything specifically sonically/lyrically? LM: Yes, with that song I was thinking of Tom Petty meets Earth Wind and Fire, although it probably doesn’t sound that way! It gives me a skating rink vibe. AA: “Isn’t That The Way” is a badass song. Love guitar part through the song. What can you tell me about writing/recording the song? LM: That’s one of my faves also, thanks. It’s super simple, it was done all on the 388 and bounced down with a live mix. Lots of space in there. It’s a rip of Hazy Shade of Winter, I guess, and has a sorta roots vibe but the psych solo takes it further than you’d expect. I dig it. AA: Do you have a favorite song on the album? LM: I like the song Rushed. It’s catchy and my voice came out true to what it sounds like in my mind, not great, but at least in key. I Can Almost See The Don is another favorite. It’s about a hotel on the beach near us. Place is totally badass. AA: What do you guys have going on with shows this summer? LM: Nothing. We’re not too ambitious. Three out of the four of us also play in Hotel Life, another band you should check if you get a sec, and I play with a 10 piece soul band in town that keeps me real busy, too. I’ve started recording something new already but as for shows, maybe in Dec. we’re more like a tourist attraction- we let the people come to us.