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The Indie Song of the Day comes from Love Ghost, a band we've featured before. They've got a special release that they're putting out today.

The Indie Song of the Day comes from Love Ghost, a band we’ve featured before. They’ve got a special release that they’re putting out today. The song is called “Let It All Burn” and the band has a strong connection to it. The Los Angeles-based band is working doing something positive with the new single; their mission is to help the homeless in Los Angeles. About the song, Love Ghost’s Finnegan Bell had this to say: “Let It All Burn” is how I see the world through my 18-year-old eyes. The hypocrisy and unwanted advice that weighed me down during senior year led to this song. My Dad being diagnosed with stage 3 cancer made me more determined- “f___ what they say, I make my own way”. The song was produced by Danny Saber (Rolling Stones, U2, Marilyn Manson, David Bowie).” Finn and the rest of Love Ghost have been feeding the homeless on skid row in Los Angeles for over three years. All proceeds from the band’s new single, “Let It All Burn” will go towards the band’s work with the homeless.