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The Indie Song of the Day comes from Johnny Payne - a singer/songwriter from Vancouver.

Known as the co-frontman of The Shilohs. Johnny Payne is readying his first solo effort, a self-titled EP that’s slated to be released on September 28th. The debut single is out from the EP right now, it’s called “Lazy Love.” About the new song and the EP – just called Johnny – Johnny had this to say: I accepted the invitation of Pat Riley and Alaina Moore (of indie heavyweights Tennis) to record in their home studio in Denver, Colorado. We traded instruments and ideas, and with Beach House drummer James Barone in tow, I came out the other side with the solo EP Johnny Lazy Love is just something that came when there was nothing much on my mind. It breezed in one morning and landed on my piano. Just a couple of chords for the melody to dance around on. There is nothing wrong with being lazy. Especially in love it is a virtue. I finished the song very quickly and made a demo which I sent to Pat and Alaina because it reminded me of them. I suppose that was the birth of this little EP. Listen to “Lazy Love” from Johnny Payne below: