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The Indie Song of the Day is "Home" from Jerad Finck.

The Indie Song of the Day is “Home” from Jerad Finck. Finck just finished up recording his first LP and “Home” is the new single from the album that awaits release. “Home is a song that was cathartic for me in a sense that no matter what, no matter how far you go, or how bad things can seem, there is always a way back, there is always a way back to where you started, or why or where you began in the first place,” says Finck. The new single follows the release of his last single release “New Kids” which amassed over 50K download sales and was streamed over 2,000,000 on Spotify. The song was also remixed by SEAWAVES and that has over 200,000 Spotify streams currently. Look out for more to be released from Finck very soon, and for more info on Finck, you can check out his official site at