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The Indie Song of the Day comes from Flagship Romance. It's their new song, "(Love Is) Running Me Ragged."

The Indie Song of the Day comes from Flagship Romance. It’s their new song, “(Love Is) Running Me Ragged.” Flagship Romance is the husband/wife duo of Shawn Fisher and Jordyn Jackson. Shawn has been making music forever – either as a solo artist or fronting the band Son of a Bad Man. Jordyn has a similar backstory and her voice is one of the smoothest female vocals making this type of music. About the song, Shawn said: Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to show love to someone whose opinion differs from our own; whether it’s complete stranger, a longtime friend, or a family member. Especially in today’s divided political climate, it can be an arduous process digging-in deep & finding that common ground. Love can surely run us ragged, but as difficult as it can be, we feel it is a necessary part of being a happy human. There’s always been an overwhelming quality of sincerity to Shawn’s music and when he started working with Jordyn as Flagship Romance that trait only expanded. Together, the two have an undeniable chemistry both writing and performing. You can tell that “(Love Is) Running Me Ragged” is coming from a very real place about the couple’s experiences outside of their relationship and in it. The harmonies with the new single will draw you in, but the sweet acoustic guitar and accompanying piano throughout the song will keep you coming back to it. Listen to “(Love Is) Running Me Ragged” from Flagship Romance below: