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The Indie Song of the Day is coming from Boston-based rock act Crash Midnight.

The Indie Song of the Day is coming from Boston-based rock act Crash Midnight. Crash Midnight features vintage riffs, big drums, and bigger vocals. They’re a high energy band that performs like they’re on fire every time they hit the stage. The song we’re featuring is a brand new track from the band called “Chinatown” – a song that just released today. About the song, Crash Midnight frontman Shawn Soho “Chinatown was the last thing we wrote in Boston before we left to move the band out west to Las Vegas. It’s a song about bar fights and sultry nights during a whirlwind summer romance I had with a young lady who has now become my wife, Bianca. She was living in Boston’s Chinatown District, which years ago had been affectionately known as “The Combat Zone.” The area was in the process of being rehabilitated into this string of trendy restaurants and luxury apartments, but there were still those few holdover strip clubs, dive bars, and “massage” parlors that helped it earn its name back in the day. While Chinatown was getting a facelift and new lease on life, it felt like this new relationship, along with all the things that were starting to take off with the band at the time, was doing something similar for me as well. You gotta remember that when we started this thing, it was 5 guys living hand to mouth in a small two-bedroom Boston apartment just scraping by, writing and playing music. Looking at where we ended up, living in a place surrounded by palm trees and pool weather nearly year-round …I’m not sure what’s come farther, The Combat Zone or this band. I think Chinatown puts a really good stamp on the end of our era in Boston and is a great reminder of what that city meant to us. Listen to “Chinatown” from Crash Midnight below: