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The Indie Song of the Day is the second song released from Becoming Bristol - it's called "Liars and Thieves"

Seattle band Becoming Bristol returns with a new single called “Liars and Thieves”. The band started when lead singer Britt Espinosa was just 16 years old and since then they’ve booked over 500 shows and they’ve done 8 national tours too. O their last single they collaborated with AKA Wolves on, and now they’ve got a new adventure – they’re trying to release a song every month for the rest of the year. About the new song “Liars and Thieves”, Britt said: “Liars and Thieves” is a song about realizing that deep down, the line of good and evil cuts through each of our hearts, which means we ought to have a new level of empathy for each other, instead of pushing each other away. In this time and age, I think it’s an important message. Listen to “Liars and Thieves” from Becoming Bristol below: