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Rumors are once again circulating about 30 Seconds To Mars breaking up, and frontman Jared Leto is doing nothing to dispel the rumors refusing to comment on the band's future.

30 Seconds To Mars have still refused to confirm or deny rumours that they will break up after they finish touring their third album ‘This Is War’. Speaking to Kerrang!, frontman Jared Leto said that he remains unsure if he can face the process of recording another album and undertaking another world tour as their current trek has been so exhausting. He said: “A lot of artists peak or get burned out. A lot of times they stop trying and those are all dangers. It took two years to make ‘This Is War’. Touring it has been another two years. Do I have that in me again? I don’t know.” The band have hinted that they may not return with a new album, but did also indicate that they are writing new material, with Leto admitting that he is “always writing new music.” The singer also said that should they make a new album, the band could go in a new musical direction. Asked about the possibly of making a new album, Leto replied: “What excites me is the opportunity to rediscover, refine and reinvent, like we have from record to record. The compulsion to create is always with me. We could make a dance record, a dubstep record, a punk record, or a rock opera. Anything is possible because ‘This Is War’ was an arrival, creatively and personally.”