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AA Interview: The Blue News


(Part Two)

AA: With New Tattoo, what can you tell me about the songwriting process for that particular song?

The guitar riff for that song just jumped in my head one morning. I had a pretty long period where I wasn’t writing and barely playing guitar due to some health issues with my hands. That morning it was like I had to get something out of my head. I find a lot of our songs start that way. It’s like the idea will torment me until I make it into something real. Once it exists outside of my mind I can move on.

AA: How/where did you guys record the song at?

The new single is the first time we didn’t record in the studio together. Dusty sent me some live drum samples from Blackbird Studios in Nashville and I built the beat in Pro Tools. The rest of it was recorded in my home studio in Indiana.

AA: What sets it apart from your other music?

It’s the first time we used a Nord Lead 2 synthesizer for a lead part in a song. I suppose that gives it more of a modern rock or experimental rock sound. It’s also the first time the band released a digital single instead of an entire album. By the way,the lyrics for that song are actually about a person who becomes obsessed with a webcam stripper.

AA: Are you guys looking to do a lot of shows this coming spring/summer?

We’d like to but we don’t have any plans right now. We’ve been off the road for a few years and it would be difficult to get back to it with our current lives. Dusty is super busy with recording sessions at House of Blues and in his studio and I’m full-time teaching faculty at IU. If the right gig came along then I’m sure we’d do it. Things may change but I don’t see us playing a DIY tour or anything though. To be honest, we’ve earned more money on licensing and royalties than we ever did playing constant gigs. I miss getting people dancing though. You know you’re doing something right when you see people dancing and smiling. The worst of days can be transformed by the right song.

AA: What else do you guys have in the works?

We have new songs we’ve recorded over the past few years that we need to finish. We’ll probably release most of our future music as digital singles. That’s the way things are shifting with music anyway. People will pirate albums but they’re more likely to pay for one song they like. I’ve been recording some acoustic songs that I’d like to release this year too. Some are stripped down versions of songs the band has put out already and there’s some new stuff too. Dusty has shifted roles from being the drummer to being an engineer and producer so I’m excited to see where it goes. I’ve also been working on some ideas for YouTube, maybe a “live in the studio” series or something.

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