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The Gills Talk New EP Set


(Part II)

Wheeler has a lot of classic influences including The Beatles since he was raised on them as a staple in his house. We’ve discovered that the hardcore Beatles fans usually have an intense passion for songwriting – that can be said for Jesse as well. He can critique what he does really well and he understands what he does well and what he wants to get better at.

“I feel like I’ve gotten good at piecing together my thoughts and everything else. You just get better with practice and learning when and why to trash different stuff you’re working on. I think I’ve got kind of a format of writing songs and figuring out what I want to talk about. I think I can do better with that still. I want to get more of the thought that’s in my head out with some better choruses. Sometimes you can write a melody and then you go with the lyrics that you already have and making those make sense – sometimes it makes sense months or years later after it’s done. That’s cool, I like writing music like that but I’d like to be able to dissect my thoughts and get them out a little better.”

Regardless of what you think of Wheeler’s writing there’s no denying that the latest set(s) of Gills music is damn good. Catch them on stage in or around the Nashville area and you’re likely to agree.

“The energy is insane,” said Wheeler when asked why people should check out their live show. “We’ve gotten exhausted together playing small shows and even cover shows, but we’ve got pretty good. So when we get on stage and we get to do our music there are parts where I feel like I’m going to explode. We try and have a lot of fun out there.” – aa

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