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Black Out The Sun

Nine albums in, there's really no question what to expect from Sevendust. Pummeling rhythms and aggressive guitars mixed with an often soulful, melodic vocal delivery is the prevailing formula, which the group have (perhaps wisely) rarely deviated from. The only question with each release then is whether the songs themselves will hold up. The group took a minor dip in the mid '00s, producing a trio of albums without the songwriting contributions of co-guitarist Clint Lowery. Black Out the Sun is the group's second album since Lowery's return, following 2010's relatively solid Cold Day Memory. "Decay" is a fine addition to an impressive repertoire of singles, while tracks like "Mountain" and "Dark AM" chug along while providing some hummable melodies. Meanwhile, "Till Death" and "Got a Feeling" represent just how hard and soft, respectably, the band is willing to go, and both are highlights. Ending things in strong fashion is "Murder Bar," a song that arguably distills everything quintessential about Sevendust into a tight three minutes. Overall, Black Out the Sun is business as usual for Sevendust. But fortunately, business is still pretty good. Best cuts: "Till Death," "Decay," "Murder Bar."


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