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A year after “Bring It” was released we’re finally getting another Trapt record. After taking the Tunecore route and releasing music on their own Trapt has teamed up with Epochal Records to put out their next album, Reborn.

There are only a few bands out there that have had the staying power that Trapt has had. Chris Taylor Brown knows how to write adrenaline pumping songs. He knows how to incorporate a melodic hook along with amped-up guitars that ends up being the trademark Trapt sound. On Reborn Chris Taylor Brown’s vocals have been recorded differently than they have been in the past. It might be his voice naturally evolving or it could be an effort to make things sound more organic in the mixing process. Brown and the rest of the band reflect their live sound on this record more than previous albums too. That’s somewhat strange because they’ve incorporated a lot of new programming and things of that nature on this album. It’s a new twist and it’s bringing some new life to the Trapt sound and it’s not overdone.

This is the fifth Trapt album and they know what they’re doing and who they need to please at this point. Taylor Brown and Trapt mix enough hard rock songs with softer melodic songs that everything balances out. A lot of the melodic nature of Trapt seemed to be lost on the last record but they’ve brought it back with Reborn. Trapt fans will love this and the younger audience who've missed what these guys have been doing for the past decade will like it too.


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