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Green Day’s plans for 2012 and 2013 with the release of Uno!, Dos!, and Tre! were drastically affected by Billy Joe’s rant at the iHeartRadio festival and then his consequential check-in to rehab. Through Green Day’s storied two decade history, it’s really the biggest interference to their career, and their touring plans for the next six to eight months are largely in the air. It’s not ideal for a band releasing three albums in roughly a six month span. Still, the releases are going pretty much as planned with Uno! coming out about a month and a half ago, Dos! just becoming available, but Tre! scheduled to arrive a month or so earlier than planned. We’ve reviewed Uno! and mentioned that it was quality Green Day, but nothing out of the ordinary, Dos! happens to be the most different Green Day record to date.

While working on this trilogy of albums the band said a ton of different things about what this music was shaping up to be. One of the things they said is that the new material was about sex, a first for the band. It’s hard to say what Tre! will shape up to be, but Dos! appears to have all of that material on it. It would be more controversial if all of the attention wasn’t on Billy Joe on the moment, but it can’t be overlooked. This album is largely about the deed that tends to get more of a focus in other genres of music, that’s pretty evident throughout the album… there’s even a song on the record called “F___ Time.” The lyrical content is what it is, that’s not really why this is such a change for Green Day. That comes in the form of the music. Dos! was produced extremely raw and sounds like old punk that could be played on vinyl mixed in with a modern twist. Take “Lady Cobra” for example; it’s a Green Day song with a back beat and a female rapper helping Billy Joe out on vocals. That’s definitely new for the band.

Dos! has some new things for Green Day, far more than Uno!. But they both share one thing in common- they’re both outstanding records. Uno! and Dos! are terrific, let’s hope that Tre! is just as good and let’s also hope that 2013 sees the band playing the new stuff on the road.


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