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The unmistakable sound of Butch Walker returns with his latest album, Letters. While Walker might still be obscure as an artist, he has managed to make quite a name for himself in the music industry as one of the premier producers of today. After penning and producing hit singles for Avril Lavigne, Bowling For Soup, Default, and Sevendust, Walker once again takes stab at a solo record, this time on Epic Records. As with all of Walker’s albums, and his previous work with the Marvelous 3, his incredible knack for writing hook filled songs carries throughout the album. Letters is no exception, kicking the CD off with the lovesick “Maybe It’s Just Me” and following it up with the stalkerish “Mix Tape” both are complimented by the subtle synth processing, harkening back to earlier sounds. In many ways Walker steps outside his typical boundaries with this new record, many of the songs being low key piano ballads, that soar on the strength of his vocals and intensely heartfelt lyrics. This is most apparent on the track “Joan” quite possible one of the most haunting, emotional and equally impressive songs Walker has written to date. Also impressive are the tracks “Don’t Move” and “Best Thing You Never Had” both just further solidify Walker as one of the most talented song writers of today. While Letter’s might not rank higher than Walker’s late work with the Marvelous 3, this album shows a new side of Butch Walker that as much impressive as it is heartfelt.


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