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The 2nd Law

The 2nd Law is Muse's latest album and its another interesting evolution for a band that never seems to make the same record. Muse's latest is a synth-based affair. There are still plenty of big, heavy, sweeping, orchestral-type rock songs with the appropriate amount of guitars too. But while there is a good amount of traditional Muse, this album has a ton of synth-based parts and even songs that you wouldn't expect to hear from these guys.

Produced by frontman Matt Bellamy, The 2nd Law is more than just a Muse album influenced by dub step and electronic music. There are a lot of unique guitars on the album similar to The Edge, but with some very unique playing and effects done by Bellamy. On top of that, Chris Wolstenholme fronts the band on two different tracks- "Save Me" and "Liquid State" and they both deliver a different change of pace to the album and add even more variety to what's already here.

Muse's latest might be their greatest. Releasing this album surrounded by a ton of hype, Muse delivered one of their best efforts. There's a lot of variety on the album and its a record you can listen to over and over. Pick this one up and listen, like right now.


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