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I’m struggling to find the logic behind M83’s Junk and Anthony Gonzales’ sentiment of, “I hate everything that’s mainstream now.” He hates it, but he’s a direct contributor to the current state. It’s a little bit like making a mess and sitting in it, and then saying how much you hate it.

That’s what Gonzales is doing, but he’s taking it up another level with this new album. Instead of contributing something legitimate to change the landscape of music – which he’s more than capable of doing – he just decides to go cynical with a new album. It’s like sitting in the mess, saying how much you hate it, then dumping a bunch of trash on the floor and rolling around in it. M83 is effectively making a statement with the new album, but the statement doesn’t really make them look or sound very good. That’s M83’s “Junk” in a nutshell. It’s an album that’s inspired by old theme songs and old genres of music that were never meant to be taken seriously.

The problem here is that those songs all had at least something going for them – a catchy hook, a decent vocal, a lyric that could sit in your head and destroy your month. M83’s junk has none of those things. It’s a mish-mashed album with three hooks, several interludes and a fair amount of irritation. If you liked “Midnight City” or the entirety of “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming” – that’s great. If you didn’t like it or have never heard of it, believe it or not, it’s shaped five years of music. This isn’t going to get nearly the same reaction.


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