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The Royal Concept has a big song gaining some popularity in "Gimme Twice." It's a great song and it's catchy too. On the band's recently released EP, simply titled, The Royal Concept EP, it's not even the best song out of the five.

Previously known as The Concept and The Concept Store, the Sweden-based band finally stopped the name-shuffling and settled on The Royal Concept. If this is the name they're finally settling on, this EP is a great business card. The five songs here are sheer indie-pop bliss. This group mixes in some terrific song writing with some awesome indie production, but then they add some extra flare with some unique production looping that sounds incredibly 8-bit in a similar vein of I Fight Dragons. On songs like "D-D-Dance" and "Goldrushed" the overall formula that this band uses works perfectly.

The five songs on this EP are all worth a preview and then probably a purchase. It would have been preferred if this five-song EP would have been delivered at a bundle price of $2.99 or even $3.99, but it is what it is. This EP has five really good songs and it's a terrific preview for a full album that's hopefully not far behind.


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