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Each time listening through the new Linkin Park album, Living Things something different stands out each time. Sometimes its Joseph Hahn’s programming; it’s thick and borderline Nine Inch Nails industrial in parts. Sometimes it seems like Mike Shinoda is the biggest part of this record with a few more actual singing parts and plenty of what he does best. Other times it’s Chester Bennington letting loose and executing more edge to a group that lost that that at times on the past couple of records. Something different appeals with each listen and with something different coming to the forefront with each listen, it’s an album that people should be listening to for a long time.

To the band’s credit, Living Things is never boring. From front to back, the album doesn’t even approach it. The closest thing to dull is “Burn It Down,” -the most radio accessible song on the album- and that’s only because it’s so standard compared to everything else. Even more experimental than A Thousand Suns, this album jabs at your attention with some old-school punk elements, and some retro LP sounds. Then once things have been loosened with the jabs, you get smashed in the face by Shinoda doing some of his best work or Bennington delivering his one of a kind vocal- either with something melodic or with a brutally awesome scream. The whole album is like this, it’s not something that can capably bleed into the background of whatever you’re doing.

Living Things will grab your attention. As an album experience, it’s the bands best ever. It’s even more of a true album than their last record. Considering that, hardcore fans (old and new) will love this album, but it won’t replace most people’s opinions that the band’s early work is their best. There aren’t a lot of potential singles on this album, just a lot of moments, and it’s a wonderful new quality for an album from this band to have. It’s surprising, because most people think they are somewhat limited, but Linkin Park managed to make a record that they haven’t made before.


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