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Since their 2001 debut “Camino Palmero” The Calling have constantly be criticized for sounding too much like Matchbox Twenty, the Goo Goo Dolls, and all of their melodic rock predecessors. All of their criticism wasn’t enough to prevent the band from having one of the biggest hits of the year in “Wherever You Will Go.” However, a lot has happened to the band since then. Lead singer Alex Band collaborated with Santana on a cover Chad Kroeger’s song “Why Don’t You And I”, which was a huge hit and gave the band major exposure courtesy of the songwriting of Chad Kroeger. Then there was the shocking revelation made by Alex Band and Aaron Kamin that the band really only consisted of the two of them, and the other members of the band were never really in the band, even though the band had given no indication of this prior. The result is “Two”, an album that in its framework resembles the band’s debut album ridiculously close, but manages to reconcile its self with the lyrics of Alex Band. Too many times this album musically resembles an almost identical arrangement and sound as the bands debut, which is disappointing for sophomore effort. The album is produced by Mark Tanner, as was the first, which may explain some of the similarities, but not to the extent in which the records are similar. Lyrically however, this is some of The Calling’s finest work. Tracks like “One By One”, “Our Lives” and “Anything” all represent Band’s knack for writing emotionally positive lyrics, which is refreshing in a time when so much of this genre is drown out by depressed, negative lyrics. In some ways its disappointing that The Calling couldn’t have matured musically as they did lyrically on this record, but perhaps that is to be expected when two original members of the band are mysteriously extricated.


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