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Throwing Gravity

It's Not The End

Throwing Gravity’s debut album took years to put out. Label struggles turned this album, and to an extent this band, on its head. It was literally one thing after another and a giant struggle to get an album out there. It’s too early to tell if the band will overcome all of that, but if they do their work on this album will be partially responsible. The wait and all of the struggles have been worth it to a degree. The final product here is a well-oiled, well-written, and well-produced album that can stand beside all of the mainstream rock albums that have come out over the past three years. John King’s production on the album shines in a big way and the writing of Nick James is terrific. There are several great moments on the record- most of them coming towards the end of it- but the best moments are in the middle with “Best Time” and “The Inside.” Both of those songs are amazing in the first place and then the production on them both makes them playlist mainstays. If there’s one criticism that needs to be pointed out with this album, it’s that “Here We Go Again” shouldn’t have been rereleased with it after Universal distributed the single years ago. If they wanted to put it out on this album again they should have kept the original title of the song “Bring Me Down” and they shouldn’t have put it at the front of the album. Apart from that, this album is great, and it’s awesome that it’s out there.


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