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The last six years are filled with band comebacks but out of the possibilities the one that had the most meager of chances was blink-182. There was too much bad blood and when things go unexplained… then there’s really too much bad blood. But after time, tragedy, and lots of water under bridges the band reunited to do some nation-wide touring and began working on an album. The album took a long time to make, but it’s finally here and ready to be absorbed by decade-long blink fans. Predictably, the album continues the trend of the band’s 2003 release. It’s not blink in its heyday, its blink in its credibility phase. That’s a good place for the band to be in 2011. The album has the same type of style that the band started on “Take Off Your Pants and Jacket” and implemented fully on their self-titled album. That technique incorporates plenty of Cure and new wave influenced guitars and vocal melodies. That’s the new defining blink sound on the last two albums. Even though it’s similar, it’s not the same album. There are touches of electronic-influenced music and there’s a more driving force with Travis Barker’s drums that are more similar to what he and Hoppus did with +44 years ago. Lyrically, blink is in a different era than it was ten years ago so you wouldn’t expect there to be the same themes, but they talk a lot about dancing for a blink-182 record. The biggest strength that this album has is that you can hear each individual member’s influence. You can hear Hoppus’ production and electronic influences on “Fighting the Gravity.” You can hear Delonge’s atmospheric-influenced style that he uses heavily with Angels & Airwaves on “Ghost on the Dance Floor.” And you can hear Barker driving songs home on songs like “Native.” The difference is while you could hear all of those things individually with the member’s different projects away from the band, they were never partnered correctly. Tom’s voice on some choruses in Angels misses Mark’s for a harmony spot and nearly all of Mark and Travis’ work in +44 missed Tom guitar style. It’s just how it is. It’s hard to say if this is the best blink-182 album that the band has made because that’s subjective (especially with blink.)This album is on par with the quality of the last record and it shows a few things that each member has learned over the past eight years.


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