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Sea of Memories

Bush’s first album in roughly a decade feels will feel like a triumphant return for fans of the band. That doesn't mean it will come across that way for everyone else. Not everybody liked Bush in their heyday. In fact, they were one of the more polarizing bands of that period. You loved them or you hated them. After “Sixteen Stone” that blurred a tad as the band faded in relevance but it still existed. After a breakup, Rossdale started Institute. After Institute he made a solo record, but while promoting that record he longed for a Bush comeback. After a decade on the outs the band is back together and they’ve made a great album. Bob Rock and the band have come together to make "Sea of Memories." It merges Rossdale’s solo work with Bush perfectly. It’s extremely melodic for Bush, but it’s still rough around the edges. The guitar work of Chris Traynor is extremely impressive here and it sticks out as a defining trait after Rossdale’s vocals. Of course the production is great with Bob Rock at the helm. It’s layered and deep with plush sounds and textures. All of this combines to make a great sonic experience. The lone problem with this album is that while it’s good and all of the songs are on par with each other, “Sea of Memories” is a tad forgettable. No hooks or melodies stick in your head in a sufficient way. Only “Red Light” comes close and that track sticks out because of Traynor’s guitar work. These songs are better than average, a lot of it is great. But they blend in with today’s musical landscape a bit too much. There aren’t any grand moments and it doesn’t feel like there are any risks taken here either. The record is good, but after 10 years off you’d expect it to be great. Bush’s “Sea of Memories” is a definite pick up for any fan of the band, I love it and they’ll love it too. But for people who never got into Bush there’s nothing here that will win them over.


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