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Shallow Bay: The Best of Breaking Benjamin

This is completely speculative but a greatest hits album being released in August by a well established band usually means change is on the horizon. Whether that’s a change with the band, like they’re taking a break for awhile or a change with their business like they’re changing labels… it’s hard to say. Regardless of what could be coming, “Shallow Bay: The Best of Breaking Benjamin is here and it’s good. It comes into two different packages- one being a two disc collection with the band’s singles and notables on the first disc chronologically starting with “Polyamorous” and ending with the most recent single “Blow Me Away” finishing it. (The one disc edition has a bonus track or two at the end of the singles/notables tracks. The second disc features a bunch of b-sides, acoustic tracks, and live tracks. Among those are the excellent “Lie to Me”- a great acoustic track. And “Water”- a track that was on the band’s EP and is one of my favorite Breaking Ben songs ever. All-in-all for a greatest hits collection, “Shallow Bay” is one of the best that I’ve seen released. They didn’t skip any notable tracks and they included a ton of extra content. That’s really all you’re looking for. Like I said it’s a bit of a speculative guess to say that something’s on the horizon, but if it is they closed the chapter perfectly with a great greatest hits collection.


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